Coffee and Conservation

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Episode 9

Published on:

30th Apr, 2021

Episode 8

Published on:

26th Mar, 2021

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About the Podcast

Coffee And Conservation
Mike Veale & Robert Pike discuss real life wildlife conservation issues, stories, and solutions
Join Mike Veale & Robert Pike as they dive into "frontline" wildlife protection and conservation issues, programs, and solutions. Each episode is focused on an issue, effort, guest professional, and call to action for the every day person who cares about animals, people, and the environment.

About your hosts

Mike Veale

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Mike Veale is a wildlife care, conservation, and anti poaching professional with over 15 years experience. His experience ranges from wildlife rehab to working as an anti poaching ranger on frontline wildlife protection details in Africa and Asia.

Robert Robert

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Robert Pike has a bachelors degree in Broadcasting Journalism from Cal State Fullerton and has covered stories regarding wildlife conservation and anti-poaching in four different continents.